Who We Are

We are your local, brother-sister company, that provides you with more and better options when you need to sell.

We are not some big, suit and tie corporation trying to make a quick buck off the real estate market. We are also not some “Joe Shmo” investors throwing out low-ball offers.

We will give you a real and serious offer to buy your house. Choose us to work with you and give you our honest opinion of your best solution.

Call us now and see how we Make A Difference Before We Make A Dollar™!

Jason Brown & Jacee Monsalve
Brother, Sister, Partners

What Sellers Have Said


Who usually sells to you?

We’ve bought houses from people in many different situations. We specialize in dealing with foreclosures, houses in bad shape, and probate situations. Despite this, we often buy houses from homeowners with houses that are in perfect condition and who have no mortgage.

How do you determine price?

Unlike many other homebuyers, when we make an offer, we know we can close on it. We inspect every house before we bother trying to make a deal. To determine how much a house is worth, we run the numbers to determine things like:

  • How much work a house needs
  • How much it will sell for after remodeling
  • How much it will rent for once remodeled

How does selling to you work?

Our process is simple. Here are the basics of what we’ll do:

  1. Learn why you’re selling so we can provide the best offer for your situation.
  2. Inspect the house.
  3. Run the numbers.
  4. Work with you to provide solutions on how we can buy your house.
  5. Once we agree on the price/terms, we’ll turn it over to a popular title company to close quickly.

Will you charge me a fee?

Never. We simply want the opportunity to buy your house. Be very cautious of anyone that wants to charge you a fee.

Why choose you instead of a Realtor?

Simply put; we are not charging you to sell your house, we close faster, and we have the knowledge/experience you want on your side.

Realtors typically will offer to sell your house on the market for “top dollar” and “quickly”. Realtors are sales people first and real estate people second. All too often, many Realtors bait sellers into a dream scenario and cannot deliver. Here are some basics to know if you decide to use a Realtor:

  • Realtors usually charge sellers 6% for a house to be sold on the market.
  • Realtors typically bring buyers that need mortgages and can back out of a contract if they don’t qualify for a loan.
  • A house listed by a Realtor takes an average of over 40 days to close after going under contract.
  • Many Realtors lack real estate knowledge and experience. An article from the Tampa Bay Times shows how Florida adds around 30,000 brand new Realtors per year. The truth is that many Realtors look and sound professional, but are really just trying out a new job.

Is there any obligation for submitting my information?

Absolutely not. We’ll give our best effort to help you and buy your house. If you decide not to sell to us, that is perfectly fine… But we think you’ll be surprised once we get started.

What if my house is in great shape and I want a full retail price?

Just because we specialize in helping homeowners with difficult situations, does NOT mean we don’t work with homeowners who aren’t. We’ve bought houses that needed no work at all, and from people that had zero financial distress.

How quickly can you close?

Your typical person getting a bank mortgage needs over 40 days to close after going under contract. We typically close inside of 3 weeks. Depending on the situation, we may even be able to close in 1 week. A few reasons we can close so much quicker than others are:

  • We don’t need to qualify for bank loans.
  • We only work with fast title companies that are responsive.
  • We only work with professional title companies that do things right the first time.

Do you buy mobile homes, condos, and lots as well?

Absolutely. We have experience buying in all of these types of properties. Closing on these types of properties can sometimes require specialized knowledge that others don’t have. We’ll make sure to help you navigate any additional pieces of the puzzle when selling one of these types of properties.

Do you buy houses outside of Tampa?

Yes. We buy houses in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk counties. We go all over Tampa Bay Area and sometimes even a little bit further.

Will you make me an offer over the phone/email like others?

No. When you talk to someone and he/she just sends you an email with an offer, be careful. Anyone real and serious in this business will want to see and inspect a house before buying it. Be assured that when we make an offer, it is real and serious.

How are you different from these other “I Buy Houses” people?

There are a lot of ways we’re different. To sum it up, here are the basics:

  • We’re family owned and operated. Not some big suit and tie or Joe Shmo corporation.
  • We’re trustworthy. We’d be glad to provide you a list of referrals from happy sellers who we’ve bought from.
  • We’re competent. We’ve stopped foreclosures, paid off liens, renovated houses, etc. Be assured that we have the experience to prove we know what we’re doing.