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Gain confidence by knowing we have been there before. Although your situation may be a first for you, it is likely that we already helped many people just like you.


Relax with a refreshing change from traditional homebuyers. When you choose us, you are working with a family and treated like family too.


Improve and increase your usual options when selling. Along with a cash offer, we will provide other options that may benefit you more according to your situation.


Feel assured in knowing that we care about our impact. We are not another “Joe Shmo”, low-ball investor or big, suit and tie corporation looking to make a quick buck in real estate.

Selling A House

Selling a house may be tough and confusing, but it does not have to be. Prepare yourself with tips and information on how to handle your situation. We have created a video library on many common problems we have seen.

Topics Include: In Foreclosure, With A Large Mortgage, When Moving Away, In Probate, With Liens, With Unpaid Taxes, With Problem Tenants, Without A Realtor, That Needs Work, and more.


Vanesa - Ruskin, FL

Jacee and Jason helped during a time we needed it the most.

They caught up our mortgage immediately, helped us find somewhere to live and paid me cash so we could afford to move on.

I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

Steven - Largo, FL

I was skeptical to work with Jason and Jacee at first. I previously tried to sell my home to another investor who was aggressive and made me feel uncomfortable.

I decided to take a risk and sell my house to Jason and Jacee. They closed quickly, paid me cash, and took over my mortgage payments.

I am relieved to say that they followed through as they said and everything has worked out great. If you are on the fence about working with them, I believe you should give them a shot.

Alexis - St. Petersburg, FL

Jacee and Jason approached me a few days before my house was going to auction. I thought it was for sure going to foreclose.

I am happy to say they were able to stop the foreclosure and buy my house when I didn’t think I was able to sell it… they even took me out for steak at Flemings afterwards to celebrate!

Jim - Tampa, FL

When my rental property started having too many maintenance problems, my tenants became angry. I wanted to sell my house quickly, but not for a huge cash discount.

Selling to Jason and Jacee allowed me to do that and was a great decision. It was a pleasure working with them, and I certainly recommend them to anyone selling a home.

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